Race Rules


DOGS are NOT ALLOWED in the race unless they are assisting disabled persons. We like dogs, we just don't like it when runners or walkers get hurt because of a dog or its leash.

BABY RACE STROLLERS are NOT ALLOWED. The reason for this: The inclusion of strollers in an event this size increases the potential for injury to race participants and children.


We will add together the three team members finish times. The lowest team time will win. Teams of less than 3 are welcome to participate, but won't be eligible for awards. Remember, the only way that your time will be recorded is if you are wearing your bib which now has the computer chip attached to it.

Race Walking:

Walker Specific Rules:

This is a measured, sanctioned race. Because of this there are very specific rules that apply to walking teams. Please review the Racewalking Rules page. If you're found in violation of these rules, time penalties will be added to your finish time.

First violation: 45 seconds. Second violation: 1 minute. Third violation: 2 minutes. These penalties will be incurred if walkers shuffle, jog or run.

Race Walking Clinic:

This is optional! To help race walkers improve their race walking skills we are offering a race walking clinic on race day, May 16, 2019 at 5:15 PM at the state capital front lawn. Look for a sign near the tents.