2021 Race Updates


Montpelier, Vermont – The organizers of the Vermont Corporate Cup Challenge and State Agency Race, announced the 2021 race is scheduled for the end of the summer. Next year the race will be scheduled in May as usual. This year's race planning is underway, currently focusing on two options due to the uncertainty of the future requirements of the pandemic. The preferred choice is to have an in-person event. Safety is our main priority for all involved and approval must first be granted from State officials. Our committee will continue to monitor all requirements and recommendations by the officials and will await approval. If approval has not been granted by June 14th, our committee will discontinue all planning efforts for an in-person race in 2021.

Option One: An in-person race with a virtual component. Tentatively scheduled for Thursday, September 16th. This option will only take place if approved by the local health and government authorities, prior to June 14th.

Option Two: Virtual only. Participants will be able to complete the 5k race anywhere, any time between September 1st through October 31st.

Participants may register for either option, beginning May 11th. If on June 14th the planning for the in-person event has been cancelled, All those registered for the "In-person" race will be transferred to the Virtual option. No refunds will be authorized.

Important Notes for this year's race (regardless of option 1 or 2):

  • Registration will open on May 11, 2021
  • Entry Fee (no refunds):
    Early Registration (Before June 6th - 11:59 PM): $28.00
    Registration (June 7th - October 31st): $33.00
New for 2021

Gender Selection:Runners and walkers are allowed to register and participate with the gender by which they identify. We now have the following options to choose from the gender dropdown menu: male, female, non-binary.

Team Category: We now have four categories: male, female, non-binary, mixed.

Employer:All "State of Vermont" employees will now be classified as State of Vermont employees, regardless of which department or agency they represent. This will allow State of Vermont employees working in different departments/agencies to be on the same team.

Sponsorship Opportunities: If you or your business leader(s) would like to learn more about joining our team of sponsors, please contact us at sponsorship@vcccsar.org.